Lindsay Lohan and

By Stella Galli

When I think of Lindsay Lohan, a few things come to mind: rehab, “Freaky Friday”, the early 2000s, and DUIs. One thing that does not come to mind is a credible spokesperson, but did and ran with it. In March 2018, partnered with Lindsay Lohan to become their representative and create the “Why did Lindsay Lohan join” campaign. Off the bat, many may think this is a bizarre move considering Lohan’s past. It’s no secret that this pairing is ironic, which is what I think made it a great, eye-catching campaign. is a free service website and their target audience is simply anyone looking for a lawyer. By selecting Lohan, chose to be transparent to their audience. For anyone who paid attention to the news in the early 2000s, it’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan has needed a lawyer a few times in her life. According to CNN, Lohan has been arrested four times and appeared in court more than 20 times. Upon accessing’s website a video titled “Why did Lindsay Lohan join” is the very first pop-up. In the video, Lohan says, “ is just about helping people. From getting a DUI – let’s not pretend like I didn’t get one… or two or three… or some others.” With transparency and humor, makes their website visitors feel understood. No, not everyone is Lindsay Lohan, but everyone in their target audience has made some kind of mistake that has led them to their services, and are on the site for the same reason. More than anybody, Lohan just gets it. 

The campaign has been successful in terms of media coverage. Buzzfeed wrote that the commercials were “iconic” and The Wrap called it Lohan’s “perfect gig.” For a small company that has only 2,000 likes on Facebook and growing, this is major exposure for Just as their website, Lohan’s face is the first thing you see when you open’s social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. As part of the campaign, utilized Lohan’s humor to draw attention to their brand by having her tweet to her 8+ million followers. When former President Trump’s lead personal attorney, John Dowd, resigned in 2018 Lohan was quick to tweet “Hey, @realDonaldTrump heard you need a lawyer… at we are always here for everyone.” Lohan utilizing her humor surely got’s marketing message noticed and even got a response from Kathy Griffin. Gerry Gorman,’s CEO has said that Lohan has become “a very large investor” for the company.

Lohan says in the same website-opening video “When first reached out to me, I was confused and a little scared because I thought I was in trouble. But when they asked me to be their spokesperson, I was intrigued.” Well Lindsay, so was I. By utilizing a celebrity who has had a relatable experience to their target audience, was able to effectively communicate their brand’s purpose: to help you find a lawyer from someone who knows it the best. 

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