Behind the Scenes Look into Agency Life

By: Emma Churgin

At PRSSA ICON 2022 I was fortunate enough to listen to three excellent speakers about the behind-the-scenes look into agency life. These speakers were Jennifer Little: the Executive Vice President and Texas market leader at BCW, Scott Pansky: Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Allison+Partners and Valerie Beesley: Vice President at Finn Partners.

When the speakers were asked about why they prefer working in an agency rather than in-house they said that it is a personal preference. Scott Pansky has been at Allison+Partners for over 21 years. Making it very clear he has loved agency life and is not planning on leaving it just yet. He said he is “having fun in the sandbox – the day I’m not having fun is the day I find a new sandbox.” I appreciated the way he had a youthful view of his career by comparing it to a sandbox. It was also said that agency is about the people, you are given the chance to work with so many different people which allows you to gain more insight. 

With Gen Z being the future of the industry it is important to note how PR is evolving. With that, Valerie said that agencies need to be more aware of their audience reach and start making more integrated campaigns. Utilizing multiple channels will gain more reach for the client and implies that there is a unified tone as to which the stakeholders can connect with. Another prediction for the industry that Jennifer had brought up related to the controversy that currently surrounds Twitter. With the mystery of where Musk is taking the company Agencies to need to be aware of other platforms going in a similar direction. Lastly, press releases have been in the industry forever, Scott believes that they are not going anywhere, however, he believes they will evolve with the industry due to the changing environment. 

One last question was asked prior to wrapping up with the speakers; If you had to offer advice, what would it be? The advice given was; don’t be shy and share your voice in meetings. Companies need younger opinions and we have the freshest ideas in order to help them evolve. Stay curious; keep asking questions and never stop learning. Lastly, we need to be ok with making mistakes. The mistakes we make help us learn about ourselves and help us grow. The advice given really resonated with me and I appreciate all the speakers taking their time to help us. 

Being able to attend ICON this year in Dallas has been such an amazing experience. I am truly grateful I got the opportunity to learn from such admirable professionals.


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