Executive Board

 Meet Our Executive Board for the 2021-2022 school year!

Neha Shanker



Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Bear, DE

Major: Communications – Public Relations Concentration

Minor(s):  Sports Management and Legal Studies

Other Activities on Campus: Order of Omega (President), sister of Pi Beta Phi (Director of PR & Marketing), UD Football Videographer

Why I joined PRSSA:

During the end of my freshman year, I made the decision to switch my major to Communication. While confident in my decision, I was still unsure of the career paths available in this field of study, and more importantly, how to figure out what path is right for me. It wasn’t until Fall semester of my sophomore year when I heard about PRSSA, and after attending the first General meeting of the year, I instantly knew joining this organization with give me the tools necessary to have a successful future. Moreover, it’s given me the opportunity to network with industry professionals, as well as create lifelong friendships with my peers.

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

PRSSA is not a club. It’s a pre-professional organization that enhances an individual’s knowledge of the Communication industry, and bridges the gap between knowledge learned in the classroom to hands-on experience. Whether you are looking to meet more like-minded students or get your foot in the door at some of the world’s most iconic organizations, PRSSA gives you the tools to cultivate relationships and kickstart your professional career

Email: nshanker@udel.edu

Mackenzie Meyers

Position: Vice President of Internal Professional Development

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Major: Marketing

Minor(s):  Advertising  

Other Activities on Campus: Sister of Alpha Xi Delta, UST Peer Liaison

Why I joined PRSSA:

I joined PRSSA because when I was a freshman I was undeclared and did not know what career path I was looking for and what major I felt comfortable in. When I joined PRSSA in the beginning of my sophomore year I just knew that PR and Marketing was the right fit for me because I loved everything about this organization. PRSSA means so much to me because it really helped me find who I am and what I am meant to be doing.

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

I want everyone to know that PRSSA is not just a communications club. It is a pre-professional organization that is open to everyone who wants to grow and build their professional development knowledge.

Email: msmeyers@udel.edu 

Becky Kazenoff


Position: Meetings Director

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Major: Communications- Public Relations Concentration

Minor(s):  Journalism and Advertising

Other activities on Campus: Sister of Alpha Delta Pi, Lambda Pi Eta Secretary

Why I joined PRSSA:

I joined so I could meet students with similar interests as myself, and to better gauge which area of communication and PR would be the best fit for me. 

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

Being a nationally recognized organization, PRSSA offers limitless opportunities whether it’s networking events, meeting like-minded students, interacting with professionals, and learning an extensive amount on your area of interest that you wouldn’t of had before.

Email: rebkaz@udel.edu

Evelyn Zanowski


Position: Promotions Director

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Glen Rock, NJ

Major: Communications – Public Relations Concentration

Minor(s)Advertising and Fashion Management 

Other Activities on Campus: Sister of Kappa Alpha Theta, UDress Magazine PR and Advertising Teams, Order of Omega, Lambda Pi Eta

Why I joined PRSSA:

I wanted to find an organization on campus where I could meet people with similar interests but also learn new things outside of the classroom. PRSSA was the best of both worlds! Not only have I meet amazing lifelong friends/possible future work colleagues but also have gotten to learn first hand from industry professionals what this career has to offer!

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

If there is one thing I have learn to be important in PR is to network, network, network! It is never to early to create a network of people who can connect you in the future to amazing opportunities and also make incredible friends along the way. PRSSA has given me the tools to build a LinkedIn, make my resume the best it can be, and be able to envision my future career in PR!

Email: zanowski@udel.edu

Stella Galli


Position: Director of Member Communication

Year at UD: Junior

Hometown: Westerly, RI

Major: Communications – Public Relations Concentration

Minor(s)Advertising, Journalism, and Italian Studies

Other Activities on Campus: Sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Why I joined PRSSA:

I joined PRSSA to be inspired and hear from professionals in the industry. However, I gained so much more from PRSSA than I could have ever imagined when I joined! PRSSA has opened my eyes to career paths that I have grown interest in, as well as has taught me about the industry in an outside of classroom setting.

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

Joining PRSSA will give you so much knowledge about different careers in the public relations industry. By joining such a great organization, not only will you be given great opportunities to network but also to learn about what path you would like to take.

Email: stellag@udel.edu

Danielle Raskin

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Position: Director of External Professional Director

Year at UD: Junior

Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ

Major: Communication Major

Other Activities on Campus: Sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority 

What PRSSA Means To Me: Since the day the previous PRSSA President came into my freshman year communications class to speak about the club, I knew it was something for me. After every single meeting I attended, I learned something new. I came into college saying I wanted to do public relations but had no real sense of what it was. I have not only learned about public relations in depth, but also the many other related career paths as well as lifelong professional skills. PRSSA inspires me constantly. After each guest speaker comes in, I walk out of the room saying I want to be like that person. The amazing and hard working previous executive board, who on their own ran this entire chapter, have also very much inspired me and showed me that I can do anything. I am so excited to have a leadership position of my own and work with the other executive members to plan a successful year. 

Email: draskin@udel.edu

Lia Hyman

Position: Diversity Director

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Communications – Public Relations Concentration

Minor(s): Journalism, and International Business Studies

Other Activities on Campus: World Scholars, UD Hillel 

Why I joined PRSSA:

Before joining PRSSA, I was a bit lost about where I was going with my degree in Communication. During my first PRSSA meeting, I was impressed by the executive board’s poise and professionalism. I knew in that moment that I aspired to be like them, confident and knowledgeable about the opportunities within the communications field. I saw PRSSA as the gateway to networking with established professionals and likeminded college students all while honing valuable industry skills!

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

PRSSA’s skill slams, trips, and panels opened my eyes to the endless careers I could pursue with my degree. Graduating from college without joining PRSSA will cost you years of experience you’ll need to make up post-grad! Joining this pre-professional organization helps you learn about what it takes to make it in this industry while simultaneously teaching you the necessary skills. You truly get out of this organization what you put into it!

Email: liahyman@udel.edu

Kaitlyn Bonk

Position: Finance Director

Year at UD: Senior




Other Activities on Campus:

Why I joined PRSSA:

Why YOU should join PRSSA:

Email: kaitbonk@udel.edu

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