Executive Board

 Meet Our Executive Board for the 2016-2017 school year!


Katherine Bartell

Position: President

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Nanuet, NY

Major/Minor: Mass Communications Major, Minors in Spanish and Journalism

Other Activities on Campus: HTAC, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

PRSSA Testimonial: Joining PRSSA was the best decision I made at the University of Delaware. This organization has provided me with the resources necessary to become a successful professional as well as an environment that has allowed me to grow. From being a general member freshman year to being president for the second year in a row, I can honestly say that this organization has given me the world. From the friends I have made to the traits I have developed, PRSSA has inspired me not only to be a better person but to become a professional that will make a difference in the world.

Email: kbartell@udel.edu

Twitter: @katbartell


Michelle Sachs

Position: Program Director

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

Major/Minor: Mass Comm, Advertising, Journalism

Other Activities on Campus: Project Sunshine, Lambda Pi Eta

PRSSA Testimonial: PRSSA has given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my future career goals and endeavors!

Email: msachs@udel.edu

Twitter: @Michelle_Sachs



Paxton Mittleman

Position: Vice President of External Affairs

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Syosset, New York (Long Island born and raised!)

Major/Minor: Mass Communications, Minors in Advertising, English, Entrepreneurial Studies

Other Activities on Campus: Social Media Ambassador, Social Media Intern at UD’s Career Services Center, ΓΣΣ service sorority

PRSSA Testimonial: PRSSA-UD ignited my passion for public relations and social media marketing. To me, PRSSA-UD is more than just a pre-professional organization; it is a community of dedicated individuals learning from each other and gaining the confidence to confidently pursue their dreams. I could not be more grateful for the direction PRSSA-UD has provided in my own career path and am excited to help others discover their passions this year as a member of the e-board!

Email: paxtonm@udel.edu

Twitter: @BlueHenPaxton

Blog: www.paxtonmittleman.com


Brittany O’Connell

Position: Public Relations Director

Year at UD: Junior

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ

Major: Interpersonal Communication, Advertising Minor

Other activities: A Social Media Ambassador for UD with the Twitter @BlueHenBrittany and a Social Media and Marketing Intern for Career Services at the University!

Testimonial: PRSSA helped me to discover my passion for PR and taught me how to handle myself in the professional world. The organization has provided me countless opportunities to learn, network, and develop skills beyond my expectations. Because of my involvement, I have been able to form lifelong friendships and connect with both mentors and mentees.

Email: brittoc@udel.edu

Twitter: @BlueHenBrittany



Victoria Dellacava

Position: Vice President of Professional Development

Year at UD: Senior

Hometown: Orangeburg, NY

Major/Minor: Interpersonal Communications major; Advertising, Public Policy and Leadership minors

Other Activities on Campus: Social Media Editor at The Review (UD’s student newspaper), Lambda Pi Eta member, Teaching Assistant

PRSSA Testimonial: PRSSA has provided me with resources and opportunities that have helped me develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the PR industry. Being connected with an amazing network of my peers and PR professionals has both inspired and encouraged me to enhance myself both as a person and a professional. As a member of the executive board, I love having the opportunity to pass on what I have learned to others.

Email: vdel@udel.edu

Twitter: @vdellacava

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 10.20.04 PM.png Kara North

Position: Program Director

Year at UD: Junior

Hometown: Stewartsville, NJ

Major/Minor: Mass Communication; Writing minor

Other Activities on Campus: SMA for the University, STN49 (Producer of “Hens Sports Night”), contributing writer for The Odyssey- UD, Social Media Manager for Blue Hens Baseball, Women’s Rowing

What PRSSA Means To Me/How PRSSA Has Inspired Me: I have always planned on pursuing the public relations field, hoping to one day have a career in sports PR. PRSSA has allowed me to learn more about the field and the many opportunities it holds. I especially enjoy working with others that share similar goals and interests. So far through PRSSA I have met and spoken with several professionals that have offered insight and guidance that have inspired and validated my interest in this field. I look forward to working with my fellow executive board members this upcoming year as well as continuing to meet influential individuals!

Email: krnorth@udel.edu

Twitter: @BlueHenKara

Blog: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/@karanorth

unnamedTyler Nolley

Position: Meetings Director

Year at UD: Junior

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Major/Minor: Communications and Spanish Studies double major

Other Activities on Campus: HerCampus PR team, SewBabySew PR and events teams

What PRSSA Means To Me/How PRSSA Has Inspired Me: PRSSA has inspired me to become more invested in my future and the steps needed to achieve my goal of being a successful PR professional.

Email: nolleyt@udel.edu

Twitter: @tyler_nolley

unnamedChase Honeck
Position: Operations Director and Historian

Year at UD: 2018

Hometown: Brookfield, CT

Major/Minor: Interpersonal Communications and Human Services

Other Activities on Campus: Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, Her Campus

PRSSA Testimonial: PRSSA has given me the resources I need in order to take advantage of any opportunity and to be successful in the Public Relations field. This organization has inspired me to be proactive in regard to my career goals and seek a leadership role to help others do the same.

Email: choneck@udel.edu

unnamed.jpgCasey Irwin

Position: Diversity Director

Year at UD: sophomore

Hometown: Hinsdale, Illinois

Major/Minor: Communications Interest Major, Spanish Minor

Other Activities on Campus: sister of Kappa Alpha Theta and team member of the Spoon University chapter at UD

PRSSA Testimonials: I joined PRSSA as a freshman this past year in hope to meet people. It has become a place for me to learn more than just professional basics but also explore different parts of the PR world in a comfortable and informative way. I’ve been inspired to explore my interests and dream in big but excitingly realistic ways.

Email: cirwin@udel.edu

Twitter: @caseyirwin97

Blog: conscienceofcasey.com


unnamed.pngMary Grace Colonna

Position: Finance & Fundraising Director

Year at UD: Sophomore

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

Major/Minor: Communication Interest Major, Political Science Minor

Other Activities on Campus: REP Staff

PRSSA Testimonial: PRSSA has shaped my professional experience, knowledge and social interactions. The mentor-menttee program fueled my passion for the society initially, but it did not take long for innumerable opportunities of professional growth to present themselves through other outlets in the society. PRSSA-UD has provided me the ability to achieve professional goals and the confidence to pursue a career in political communication.

Email: mcolonna@udel.edu

Twitter: @mgcolonna

Blog: https://mgcolonna.wordpress.com/


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