Spotify’s Special Weapon

By: Suki Paul Music lover or not, you’ve probably heard about the Apple Music vs Spotify debate. It’s not surprising that this argument has been going on for years due to their loyal fan bases and the similarities between both platforms. Despite the fact that both Apple Music and Spotify provide a wide variety ofContinue reading “Spotify’s Special Weapon”

Sentimental, Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

By Janina Camp As the holidays are right around the corner, I’m sure most of you are brainstorming gifts to get for your friends and family. Not only that– but with the various discounts and sales that pop up, from Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, to general holiday deals, you’re likely shopping for yourself asContinue reading “Sentimental, Budget Friendly Gift Ideas”

The Power of Heart First Authenticity

What David Grossman taught me about a new level of inspired and authentic leadership, the “Heart First” approach. By: Dani Raskin DALLAS- After picking up the Organizational & Community Leadership minor, I grew a deep interest in  employee engagement, company culture and organizational development. I have had the chance to do deep dives into organizationsContinue reading “The Power of Heart First Authenticity”

Behind the Scenes Look into Agency Life

By: Emma Churgin At PRSSA ICON 2022 I was fortunate enough to listen to three excellent speakers about the behind-the-scenes look into agency life. These speakers were Jennifer Little: the Executive Vice President and Texas market leader at BCW, Scott Pansky: Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Allison+Partners and Valerie Beesley: Vice President at Finn Partners.Continue reading “Behind the Scenes Look into Agency Life”

What Motivates a Celebrity to Say “Yes!”

What Rita Tateel taught me about the celebrity public relations business. By Stella Galli DALLAS – If you know me, you know that the one thing I am on top of is celebrity gossip. At my first internship at JMG Public Relations, I was introduced to working on celebrity brand partnership projects and instantly becameContinue reading “What Motivates a Celebrity to Say “Yes!””

My Tips for Landing a Summer Internship

By: Janina Camp This time last year, I was a junior looking to secure an internship for the summer. I felt intimidated by the process, and after multiple rejections, I was starting to lose hope. Eventually, I landed a marketing internship with The Delaware River and Bay Authority, even though I was up against numerousContinue reading “My Tips for Landing a Summer Internship”

The Ethics of Influencing and Gifted Content

By: Hayley Grossbauer Social media has permanently changed the field of Public Relations. Not only has it just arisen in the 21st century, but it is constantly evolving, with new platforms coming out all the time. This challenges us in the field of public relations to keep up with these trends and to utilize themContinue reading “The Ethics of Influencing and Gifted Content”

Not So Pitch Perfect

By: Zoe Shapiro As the Director of Internal Professional Development for PRSSA-UD, I host two skill slams per semester. A skill slam teaches the members an industry-sought skill that is centered around professional development. Our first Skill Slam dissected how publicists write pitches to journalists and, taking inspiration from the movie Pitch Perfect, I calledContinue reading “Not So Pitch Perfect”

PRSSA-UD’s Field Trip to the Wells Fargo Center!

By Emma Churgin This past Tuesday, October 4th, PRSSA-UD and the UD Sports Marketing Club went on a field trip to meet the Sports Marketing and Communications team for the Philadelphia Flyers. This was a fantastic experience where we learned more about the ins and outs of each professional’s role. The field trip included aContinue reading “PRSSA-UD’s Field Trip to the Wells Fargo Center!”