Another Look at Social Media: Healthcare

Social media is creeping into everything that we do, even into the lives of the characters of the TV shows we watch. About a month ago, one of the main predicaments of a Grey’s Anatomy episode was if the surgical interns should be allowed to tweet about a live experimental procedure.  At first the ChiefContinue reading “Another Look at Social Media: Healthcare”

Social Media: Channel for Free Speech or the Catalyst to Political Unrest?

We’re all aware of the political unrest presently unfolding in the Middle East. Most of us, connected and worldly university students that we are, probably found out through our constant and beloved social media sites. It’s how we share ideas, current events,and now political operations around the world, and why wouldn’t we tune in to hear the latestContinue reading “Social Media: Channel for Free Speech or the Catalyst to Political Unrest?”

Charlie Sheen—A PR Nightmare, or “Winning” Record Holder?

For the past few weeks, Charlie Sheen has been a PR professional’s worst nightmare.  Sheen has pretty much taken over the task of managing his image, even making this comment about his publicist of over seven years, Stan Rosenfeld: “I respect Stan, he was doing the best he could … but … I probably wouldContinue reading “Charlie Sheen—A PR Nightmare, or “Winning” Record Holder?”

The 21st Century ‘App Boom’: Beneficial to Whom?

Need to find a fancy restaurant for that anniversary you forgot? There’s an app for that. Need a flashlight to find your apartment key that you dropped? There’s an app for that. Lacking a cowbell for you town’s major football game? There’s an app for that. Those five words have only recently begun resonating inContinue reading “The 21st Century ‘App Boom’: Beneficial to Whom?”

The PRSA Delaware Media Experience

Picture completing a project under the close supervision of a boss. Now, I want you to imagine completing this same project under the close supervision of 45 bosses. This was how I felt at my first PRSA Delaware meeting when I was told to speak in front of the 45 PR professionals at this week’s meeting.Continue reading “The PRSA Delaware Media Experience”

To the Internship and Beyond: Networking as a Student Intern

Over the past summer and for a short period during winter break, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for the corporate communications department of a leading global hospitality company. I was blessed with experience, opportunity, and most prominently, a fit of anxiety. Upon finishing the internship, my head reeled with doubt: what if IContinue reading “To the Internship and Beyond: Networking as a Student Intern”

Crisis Public Relations- Drunken American Red Cross?

As I was following the PR world on Twitter last week, I watched a very interesting event unfold. During the night of February 16th, an employee who tweets for the American Red Cross accidently tweeted a personal thought under the organization’s twitter account. Gloria Huang posted on Twitter, “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs ofContinue reading “Crisis Public Relations- Drunken American Red Cross?”

From Newark to New York: Top three things I learned during my internship at Hunter PR

Written by Kayley Conti This past winter I was awarded an internship at a fabulous Madison Avenue public relations agency, Hunter Public Relations, owned by PRSSA-UD’s national advisor, Grace Leong. During my 5 weeks at Hunter PR I was exposed to the field of Public Relations up close and personal.  Here are the top threeContinue reading “From Newark to New York: Top three things I learned during my internship at Hunter PR”