The PRSA Delaware Media Experience

Picture completing a project under the close supervision of a boss. Now, I want you to imagine completing this same project under the close supervision of 45 bosses. This was how I felt at my first PRSA Delaware meeting when I was told to speak in front of the 45 PR professionals at this week’s meeting.Continue reading “The PRSA Delaware Media Experience”

To the Internship and Beyond: Networking as a Student Intern

Over the past summer and for a short period during winter break, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for the corporate communications department of a leading global hospitality company. I was blessed with experience, opportunity, and most prominently, a fit of anxiety. Upon finishing the internship, my head reeled with doubt: what if IContinue reading “To the Internship and Beyond: Networking as a Student Intern”

Crisis Public Relations- Drunken American Red Cross?

As I was following the PR world on Twitter last week, I watched a very interesting event unfold. During the night of February 16th, an employee who tweets for the American Red Cross accidently tweeted a personal thought under the organization’s twitter account. Gloria Huang posted on Twitter, “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs ofContinue reading “Crisis Public Relations- Drunken American Red Cross?”

From Newark to New York: Top three things I learned during my internship at Hunter PR

Written by Kayley Conti This past winter I was awarded an internship at a fabulous Madison Avenue public relations agency, Hunter Public Relations, owned by PRSSA-UD’s national advisor, Grace Leong. During my 5 weeks at Hunter PR I was exposed to the field of Public Relations up close and personal.  Here are the top threeContinue reading “From Newark to New York: Top three things I learned during my internship at Hunter PR”