Why I Joined PRSSA and How It’s Benefitted Me

By: Sammy Chmara Before this past August, I had little knowledge about the Public Relations industry and what exactly it meant to work in “PR.” After the first few classes of my Introduction to Public Relations lecture, I immediately became interested with the field. I wanted to somehow gain more experience and expertise in aContinue reading “Why I Joined PRSSA and How It’s Benefitted Me”

What does business casual even mean?

By: Nicole Vuong Let’s talk about business…casual. Depending on the industry, the company and the climate, the standards of how employees dress may vary. I’ve noticed in public relations agencies and other creative fields, they opt to a “business casual” dress code, which is more relaxed and flexible than the traditional pantsuit. This type ofContinue reading “What does business casual even mean?”

A PR Dream Come True: Fall Field Trip Recap

By: Neha Shanker If I were to choose the top-five greatest moments in my life, at least three would revolve around sports, and one would be the Philadelphia Eagles winning Super Bowl LII. Having grown up as an athlete, as well as an avid fan of this franchise, I was inspired to minor in SportContinue reading “A PR Dream Come True: Fall Field Trip Recap”

Remote PR Firms: Just a Phase or a Long-Term Trend

 By: Jenna Newman This past August, I began to intern at a fully remote PR firm. Okay, so what does that actually mean? Essentially, the firm has no one office or no one location that everything is based out of. Our “markets” listed on the website are Scottsdale, New York City and Los Angeles. AllContinue reading “Remote PR Firms: Just a Phase or a Long-Term Trend”

Favorite insights from PRSSAIC

 By: Rachel Ornstein Without a doubt, I came back to UD with so much new knowledge and insight into the PR Industry after International Conference, more than I ever thought I would. The conference provided us the opportunity to hear from industry professionals from different paths and concentrations. Here are some of the things IContinue reading “Favorite insights from PRSSAIC”

“Everything you need to know about LinkedIn” Skill Slam Recap

By: Rachel Ornstein We all know the importance of LinkedIn as a professional social network, yet there are many students that don’t have an updated, or even any, LinkedIn profile. This is super important to the eyes of future employers. Jenna Newman, our Vice President of Professional Development, talked through the important aspects of aContinue reading ““Everything you need to know about LinkedIn” Skill Slam Recap”

“The Interview Process” Skill Slam Recap

  By: Katie Coulson All jobs and internship hiring processes have one thing in common: the interview. Students will typically have numerous interviews throughout their college careers, some that end well and some that end not so well. Jenna Newman, the PRSSA Vice President of Professional Development, hosted the first skill slam of the semesterContinue reading ““The Interview Process” Skill Slam Recap”

My Freshman Internship Experience and What I Learned

By: Rachel Ornstein We all know how challenging it is to land internships, especially as an underclassman. With the help of the PRSA website, I was lucky enough to find a small and local Public Relations and Event Management company. The owner was willing to bring me on board for an unpaid internship, and IContinue reading “My Freshman Internship Experience and What I Learned”

Entering the World of PR: A Chat with Mindie Barnett

BY: MARISSA DIGIACOMO On Monday, May 13, our chapter of PRSSA got to meet with Mindie Barnett, a previous broadcast journalist and current author and founder of her own PR firm, MB and Associates. Her organized and energetic presentation shared tips on How to Crack the Code and Enter the World of PR, Must-Do Moves,Continue reading “Entering the World of PR: A Chat with Mindie Barnett”