My Summer Internship at HUNTER PR

By Evelyn Zanowski This summer I had the pleasure of interning at NYC-based integrated marketing and PR firm, HUNTER PR who have recently been named the Consumer Agency of the Year by Provoke Media. The agency is led by PRSSA-UD alumnus Grace Leong, and work with a variety of brands such as Tabasco (their firstContinue reading My Summer Internship at HUNTER PR

3 Lessons I Learned From Moderating a Panel

By Lia Hyman It’s no secret that I really enjoy public speaking, so, naturally, I was ecstatic when I discovered that my role as Diversity Director included moderating the Spring Diversity and Ethics panel for PRSSA-UD. As I planned out the event, I determined themes to focus on, panelists to invite, and ways to engageContinue reading “3 Lessons I Learned From Moderating a Panel”

Meeting Recap: Stuart Schorr

By Sammy Chmara For today’s general meeting, we had the opportunity to hear from Stuart Schorr who is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Jaguar Land Rover North America. It was very interesting getting to hear how the car industry intersects with Communications from a career aspect, as we’ve never heard from aContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Stuart Schorr”

Meeting Recap: Paxton Mittleman

By Becky Kazenoff Guest speaker Paxton Mittleman, a senior associate at Mission North, provided a refreshing and energetic presentation on how to maneuver job applications and professional development during the pandemic. Being a UD PRSSA Vice President of External Affairs alumna, it was encouraging to see how her time at Delaware contributed to much ofContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Paxton Mittleman”

Starting Off the Spring

By: Jessica GardnerSpring has always been a season of new beginnings, and my first week of thespring semester holds true to this statement. It feels ironic to be writing about springtime when there’s a snowstorm happening on the other side of my window, but regardless of the weather, the University of Delaware’s spring semester hasContinue reading “Starting Off the Spring”

Meeting Recap: Samantha Antapol

By: Sammy Chmara In our recent meeting held on November 30th 2020, we were joined by Samantha Antapol who does Marketing, Communications, and Events for Veuve Clicquot. Veuve Clicquot specializes in premium wines and is one of the biggest champagne houses in the world. Samantha began the meeting by giving us some background on herContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Samantha Antapol”


By Julia Sciacca This week held one of the biggest wins for women in public relations. President-elect Biden named his communications team in which all seven roles are held by females. As a young woman looking ahead to her future in the industry, this is a very promising and motivating sign that women will somedayContinue reading “CURRENT EVENTS IN PUBLIC RELATIONS”

My 2020 Summer Internship Experience And What It Taught Me

By: Sammy Chmara As summer 2020 was quickly approaching, I was hesitant about if I would be able to find an internship or not. Internship searching is hard enough, and the COVID-19 pandemic was posing even more challenges to getting hired. After submitting a ton of applications, I decided to reach out to some localContinue reading “My 2020 Summer Internship Experience And What It Taught Me”

What Jon Meacham Taught Me

By Stella Galli ICON 2020 was kicked off with loads of inspiration, hope, and motivation. Jon Meacham, a writer for George H.W. Bush and presidential biographer, was the first keynote speaker. As someone who aspires to work on political campaigns and speech writing for politicians one day, his non-partisan perspective is something I believe everyoneContinue reading “What Jon Meacham Taught Me”