What Jon Meacham Taught Me

By Stella Galli ICON 2020 was kicked off with loads of inspiration, hope, and motivation. Jon Meacham, a writer for George H.W. Bush and presidential biographer, was the first keynote speaker. As someone who aspires to work on political campaigns and speech writing for politicians one day, his non-partisan perspective is something I believe everyoneContinue reading “What Jon Meacham Taught Me”

The 7 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned as Meetings Director

By Becky Kazenoff Obtaining the role as the meetings director for PRSSA was exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time. I have the responsibility of communicating with potential speakers for our meetings, with all of my work in the spotlight for those to see. This can amount to putting some pressure on myself because IContinue reading “The 7 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned as Meetings Director”

My Summer Internship at HUNTER

By Rachel Ornstein Internships took a big hit this summer due to the coronavirus, as many of them were postponed until next summer, transitioned to remote, or canceled altogether. This summer, I was lucky enough to virtually serve as the Barbara Hunter Fellow at HUNTER and I had a fantastic experience. Grace Leong, CEO ofContinue reading “My Summer Internship at HUNTER”

How I Filled the Void During Quarantine

By Neha Shanker Uncertainty is all around us, now more than ever. The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adopt new routines and challenged us to live a semblance of normal life within the boundaries of strict safety precautions. Despite the abrupt change of pace, canceled internships, and postponed summer plans, the silver liningContinue reading “How I Filled the Void During Quarantine”

Why I Joined PRSSA/What I Have Learned

By Danielle Raskin It was week one of college and I was slowly starting to get into the swing of things. I was sitting in my 250 people communications lecture, chit-chatting away with my friends until a voice came to the microphone. It was the previous President of PRSSA who was on the mic sharingContinue reading “Why I Joined PRSSA/What I Have Learned”