First Online Meeting Featuring Kerry Cheney

By: Sammy Chmara Even though we couldn’t meet in person for this weeks meeting, we did have the opportunity to have a live zoom session with an experienced Public Relations and Media Relations specialist! Kerry Cheney; a University of Delaware alumni, currently serves as Vice President of OGILVY in NYC. She began her Public RelationsContinue reading “First Online Meeting Featuring Kerry Cheney”

Public Relations Related Things You Can Do During The Coronavirus Pandemic

By: Katie Coulson Have lots of free time all of a sudden? Still trying to be productive but failing and giving up? Here are some simple tips to help a public relations student stay motivated during the Coronavirus pandemic! Start a blog. With all the time you potentially have, start writing down your thoughts. ItContinue reading “Public Relations Related Things You Can Do During The Coronavirus Pandemic”

Applying Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Isabella Antignani This past winter I had the opportunity to work with a healthcare PR, marketing, and health communications consulting firm right here in Newark, Delaware, Tipton Health Communications. They specialize in assisting healthcare facilities (hospitals) in strategizing their internal and/or external PR campaigns. Tipton also has a consulting side to it, called MagnetContinue reading “Applying Out of Your Comfort Zone”

Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Go on Professor Bartoo’s London Study Abroad Program

By: Katie Coulson Have you ever wanted to study abroad? Have you ever wanted to study abroad in London? Here are top seven reasons why you should apply to Professor Bartoo’s study abroad program. You get a hands on learning experience. On this program, you learn both inside and outside of the classroom. The mainContinue reading “Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Go on Professor Bartoo’s London Study Abroad Program”

My Takeaways From Agency Visits in London

By: Rachel Ornstein During our winter session, I studied abroad on Professor Bartoo’s Public Relations and Advertising program in London. We used London as our classroom, and we were lucky enough to be able to visit four agencies during our program. Each agency talked to us about their work, as well as gave advice andContinue reading “My Takeaways From Agency Visits in London”

From Wingin’ it to Workin’ it: Making the most of Winter Session

By: Samantha Murphy Finals are over and with another long break approaching, you’ve tricked yourself into believing the same mindset you’ve held time and time again- that this break will be different, that you’re really going to prioritize your professional goals. Fast forward two months later and you’re in full-on panic mode with an un-updatedContinue reading “From Wingin’ it to Workin’ it: Making the most of Winter Session”

A chat with the Executive Vice President of the largest PR firm in the world

By: Marissa DiGiacomo On Monday, November 11th, PRSSA-UD had the opportunity to hear from the Executive Vice President of Edelman, Greg St. Clair. Wow, what an honor! If you know anything about the world of PR, you may know that Edelman is the largest Public Relations firm in THE WORLD. St. Clair was able toContinue reading “A chat with the Executive Vice President of the largest PR firm in the world”

Why I Joined PRSSA and How It’s Benefitted Me

By: Sammy Chmara Before this past August, I had little knowledge about the Public Relations industry and what exactly it meant to work in “PR.” After the first few classes of my Introduction to Public Relations lecture, I immediately became interested with the field. I wanted to somehow gain more experience and expertise in aContinue reading “Why I Joined PRSSA and How It’s Benefitted Me”

What does business casual even mean?

By: Nicole Vuong Let’s talk about business…casual. Depending on the industry, the company and the climate, the standards of how employees dress may vary. I’ve noticed in public relations agencies and other creative fields, they opt to a “business casual” dress code, which is more relaxed and flexible than the traditional pantsuit. This type ofContinue reading “What does business casual even mean?”