Just Five Minutes

Networking. A word, the word, heard every day in the job world. At a time when employment rates soar, the worst position to be in is ours—recent college graduates or those headed that way. If our parents are being let go from jobs they’ve held for over thirty years, how are we expected to land our dreamContinue reading “Just Five Minutes”

Ketchum Washington D.C. Field Trip Recap

My older sister warned me that when you begin making friends at college, besides asking what your name is, they initially ask what your major is.  My reply?  A Communication Interest major.  About 8 out of 10 times people stare at me with a blank face and either asks what is that or what canContinue reading “Ketchum Washington D.C. Field Trip Recap”

“Night with the Pros": Demystifying a Career Path

For a moment, if reading this from the perspective of an upper classman, revisit your freshman year and envision some of the anxieties it is possible you felt as an inexperienced freshman in terms of choosing the “right” major, “right” classes, and dreaming of a career that was both attainable and rewarding. According to Dr.Continue reading ““Night with the Pros": Demystifying a Career Path”

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: #Twitter style

Who is the one celebrity that you love and would do anything to meet? We all have one. Unfortunately, you’ll likely never get to meet your dream celeb in person, but Twitter is quickly helping you connect to your favorite stars. When you follow these celebrities, you get a glimpse into their life — whatContinue reading “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: #Twitter style”

5 Differences Between Chinese and American Social Media Sites

QQ, RenRen and Micro Blog (also known as “Weibo”) are some of my favorite Chinese social media sites, although Americans have probably never heard of them.  They are closely tied to daily social networking for Chinese younger generations.  Instead of only visiting those sites in my comfort zone when I came to America, I decidedContinue reading “5 Differences Between Chinese and American Social Media Sites”

My Earthquake Encounter with Twitter

The advent of Twitter never appealed to me, as I have always been a complete addict of Facebook. To be honest, it was (wrongly) advertised to me as “just Facebook statuses” and “pretty much pointless.” I believed them. I truly did not need a Twitter to be interconnected with my friends. But then a littleContinue reading “My Earthquake Encounter with Twitter”

Social Media on the Front Lines of War

Non-governmental organizations Resolve (Washington D.C.) and Invisible Children (California) have teamed up by using social media tools to bring Africa’s longest-running war close to home. For the past 25 years, a brutal war in central Africa has been almost “invisible” to the Western world. The rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), has been kidnappingContinue reading “Social Media on the Front Lines of War”