Reflect on this semester by reading The Semesterly!

We are pleased to share with you the Fall 2013 issue of The Semesterly, PRSSA-UD’s biannual newsletter. Enclosed, you’ll find articles from your fellow members on their experiences with PRSSA this fall. We encourage you to read and reflect on the semester. Thank you to our newsletter writers and our PR Director, Natalie Hines, for workingContinue reading “Reflect on this semester by reading The Semesterly!”

The Power of a Handshake

Throughout life, we are constantly put into situations in which we are meeting new and unfamiliar people. Whether during interviews or at business meetings, initial introductions are necessary, including the typically dreaded handshakes. The momentary touching of hands, though brief in duration, is one of the most important first impressions a person can make. ButContinue reading “The Power of a Handshake”

Thursday is the New Friday: The Public Relations of “Black Thursday”

Public relations professionals sometimes stride a fine line between ethics and the bottom line. Companies want to make a profit while promoting social responsibility. The goal of smart, ethical public relations is to balance these seemingly opposite goals and prove that the best interests of both a company and its publics can mesh together. ThisContinue reading “Thursday is the New Friday: The Public Relations of “Black Thursday””

The Power of the Hashtag

“Enter your voicemail number and then press pound”, instructs the computerized voice inside your phone. Pound? What’s pound? While generations before us had no hesitation in figuring out what the word ‘pound’ was referring to, those of us living in the digital media age seem to have a more difficult time in doing so. GoneContinue reading “The Power of the Hashtag”

Using Viral Videos for the Greater Good

Late Night Talk Show Host, Jimmy Kimmel used YouTube to show the world how powerful a viral video can be. The video, “Worst Twerking Fail Ever- Girl Catches Fire”, was created by a stuntwoman and quickly went viral with over 14 million hits. It even received coverage by news stations and more buzz after KimmelContinue reading “Using Viral Videos for the Greater Good”

Public Relations in a Restaurant

My experience thus far in life includes writing for the Review and working in restaurants. After 8 months of hosting and now serving at Timothy’s of Newark, I find working in the service industry can teach one a good deal about public relations. PRSA defines public relations as: “Public relations is a strategic communication processContinue reading “Public Relations in a Restaurant”

Don’t Waste your Time on Twitter, Make your time count!

What was life like growing up without social media? Social media use is habitual to many of us and has become a natural part of our life: we don’t even think about how much time we spend on it because we are so consumed by it.  Social media is probably going to be in ourContinue reading “Don’t Waste your Time on Twitter, Make your time count!”

Public Relations in the Digital Age

We no longer live in the industrial era. You may already know the extent the media landscape transformed over the past several years, and continues to transform, thanks to growth in digital technology. As a result, we now live in the digital age, where we are constantly connected to the Internet, able to access theContinue reading “Public Relations in the Digital Age”

Faux Pas of Misjudging Your Audience

From Twitter, to Facebook, to academic papers, to articles for your summer internship, one of the first rules to successful writing is knowing your audience. However, it’s easier said than done. Telling someone to “know their audience” or to “write to their audience” can leave them with only a vague idea that their work mayContinue reading “Faux Pas of Misjudging Your Audience”