New executive board spotlight: VP of External Affairs, Nicole Sullivan

– Name: Nicole Sullivan – Class Year: Senior – PRSSA executive board position: Vice President of External Affairs -Nickname: Everyone in high school called me Sully (not after the Monsters Inc. character, but because of my last name). I miss it. – Siblings: I have a brother who’s four years younger than I am. Although we’re very differentContinue reading “New executive board spotlight: VP of External Affairs, Nicole Sullivan”

Four Ways to Get the Most of Your Summer Internship

The weeks left until the start of another semester dwindled down to just three, and if you’re like me, you still have part of that time left at your summer internship. In that amount of time, you can tackle a big project or meet an Executive who offers to look over your work. I knowContinue reading “Four Ways to Get the Most of Your Summer Internship”

New executive board spotlight: Assistant Program Director, Katerina Vlitas

– Name: Katerina Vlitas – Class year: Sophomore – PRSSA E-Board Position: Assistant Program Director – Nickname: I go by Kat for short. – Favorite meal/foods: My favorite meal is brunch. For Brunch I’d like a nice big (emphasis on big) cup of coffee, with a Belgian waffle with whip cream, fruit and bacon. With a side of  aContinue reading “New executive board spotlight: Assistant Program Director, Katerina Vlitas”

New executive board spotlight: Meetings Coordinator, Allison Lane

– Name: Allison Lane – Class Year: Junior – PRSSA executive board position: Meetings Coordinator -Nickname: My friends call me Big Al. I don’t even know why, I just roll with it. – Siblings: I’m an only child! – Pet(s): I have a terrier mix named Ralph. – Favorite Meal: My favorite meal is lunch andContinue reading “New executive board spotlight: Meetings Coordinator, Allison Lane”

3 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Intern at the Same Place Twice

Internships are something every college student thinks about as a way for them to get a job right after college. Getting hands on experience in an industry is deemed as one of the best ways to showcase why you’re the best. Even if you’re working for free. That’s the way I saw internships when IContinue reading “3 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Intern at the Same Place Twice”

New executive board spotlight: Public Relations Director, Keri Betters

– Name: Keri Betters – Class year: Senior – PRSSA E-Board Position: Public Relations Director – Nicknames: Kerbear, Carols, K-Dawg, Eliza, Ker, KB Toys, Betters – Favorite meal/foods: Dinner’s my favorite meal! Favorite foods are grape leaves (a Lebanese dish), hummus, chicken and broccoli casserole, coffee (it’s a food group, I promise), and watermelon. – If you could meet anyone: JohnnyContinue reading “New executive board spotlight: Public Relations Director, Keri Betters”

Strike Gold: Uncover Your Dream Job

As college students, we extensively prepare for our futures—raising our sails, gripping the wheel, pushing off the dock and venturing into the vast sea of our future. We don’t quite know what lies ahead, but we do have our sights set on one thing: finding our own treasure chest of joy, otherwise known as ourContinue reading “Strike Gold: Uncover Your Dream Job”

New executive board spotlight: President, Natalie Hines

– Name: Natalie Hines – Class year: Senior – PRSSA E-Board Position: President – Nickname: Nat, Natty, and Patty – Favorite meal/foods: Spaghetti for lunch or dinner, or a mid-day snack. Also, chips and salsa. Don’t forget the guac! – If you could meet anyone: Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon. – Dream career: I aspire to work in communications orContinue reading “New executive board spotlight: President, Natalie Hines”

True or False? Communication Crises Burn Like Wildfires

It seems as though several major crises occurring in the world today could have been avoided or saved with effective communication; whether that consists of sending out tweets, email updates or news releases to the media – crisis communication has taken on a new role in the world of public relations; an essential element. InContinue reading “True or False? Communication Crises Burn Like Wildfires”

New executive board spotlight: Historian, Elizabeth Coulbourn

Name: Elizabeth Coulbourn -Class Year: Senior PRSSA E-Board Position: Historian -Nickname: Betsey Boodle – Favorite meal/foods: Breakfast–anything with eggs and sirracha. – If you could meet anybody, who would it be? Janis Joplin. – Dream career: To combine my love of public relations, government, policy, journalism, and Islamic studies. Working for a government agency is my dream.  –Continue reading “New executive board spotlight: Historian, Elizabeth Coulbourn”