The Power of Heart First Authenticity

What David Grossman taught me about a new level of inspired and authentic leadership, the “Heart First” approach. By: Dani Raskin DALLAS- After picking up the Organizational & Community Leadership minor, I grew a deep interest in  employee engagement, company culture and organizational development. I have had the chance to do deep dives into organizationsContinue reading “The Power of Heart First Authenticity”

What Motivates a Celebrity to Say “Yes!”

What Rita Tateel taught me about the celebrity public relations business. By Stella Galli DALLAS – If you know me, you know that the one thing I am on top of is celebrity gossip. At my first internship at JMG Public Relations, I was introduced to working on celebrity brand partnership projects and instantly becameContinue reading “What Motivates a Celebrity to Say “Yes!””

My Tips for Landing a Summer Internship

By: Janina Camp This time last year, I was a junior looking to secure an internship for the summer. I felt intimidated by the process, and after multiple rejections, I was starting to lose hope. Eventually, I landed a marketing internship with The Delaware River and Bay Authority, even though I was up against numerousContinue reading “My Tips for Landing a Summer Internship”

Not So Pitch Perfect

By: Zoe Shapiro As the Director of Internal Professional Development for PRSSA-UD, I host two skill slams per semester. A skill slam teaches the members an industry-sought skill that is centered around professional development. Our first Skill Slam dissected how publicists write pitches to journalists and, taking inspiration from the movie Pitch Perfect, I calledContinue reading “Not So Pitch Perfect”

PRSSA-UD’s Field Trip to the Wells Fargo Center!

By Emma Churgin This past Tuesday, October 4th, PRSSA-UD and the UD Sports Marketing Club went on a field trip to meet the Sports Marketing and Communications team for the Philadelphia Flyers. This was a fantastic experience where we learned more about the ins and outs of each professional’s role. The field trip included aContinue reading “PRSSA-UD’s Field Trip to the Wells Fargo Center!”

PR Pride: A Lesson in Advocacy and my Interview with Paul Richards

By Jess Gardner This June, I wanted to highlight the important role of public relations in advocacy work, specifically for LGBTQ+ advocacy. Our Instagram featured four different LGBTQ+ organizations that help to empower queer people at the local, state, and national levels; one of those organizations was the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The HRC isContinue reading “PR Pride: A Lesson in Advocacy and my Interview with Paul Richards”