Osama Bin Laden vs. Your Decision at the Polls

The day that President Barack Obama gave his statement to the nation about the death of Osama Bin Laden, riots, marches and such ensued across the United States. Is it possible that this made the citizens who have lost their jobs to outsourcing or paid $60 to fill their tank recently forget about all ofContinue reading “Osama Bin Laden vs. Your Decision at the Polls”

Public Relations Fit For A Queen

With an audience of over 2 billion people worldwide, the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has an overwhelming media presence. It is not just news; it is the human-interest story of the moment (and for years to come). And PR pros in Great Britain and beyond have been using the nuptials as a hookContinue reading “Public Relations Fit For A Queen”

Ethics Debate: Unpaid Internships

Recently, there has been a lot of debate around the ethics of unpaid internships.  Back on February 10, the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards issued a Professional Standards Advisory regarding the use of interns in the public relations and communications professions.  The advisory provided legal and ethical guidelines to the industry to “help them conductContinue reading “Ethics Debate: Unpaid Internships”

Another Look at Social Media: Healthcare

Social media is creeping into everything that we do, even into the lives of the characters of the TV shows we watch. About a month ago, one of the main predicaments of a Grey’s Anatomy episode was if the surgical interns should be allowed to tweet about a live experimental procedure.  At first the ChiefContinue reading “Another Look at Social Media: Healthcare”

Social Media: Channel for Free Speech or the Catalyst to Political Unrest?

We’re all aware of the political unrest presently unfolding in the Middle East. Most of us, connected and worldly university students that we are, probably found out through our constant and beloved social media sites. It’s how we share ideas, current events,and now political operations around the world, and why wouldn’t we tune in to hear the latestContinue reading “Social Media: Channel for Free Speech or the Catalyst to Political Unrest?”

Charlie Sheen—A PR Nightmare, or “Winning” Record Holder?

For the past few weeks, Charlie Sheen has been a PR professional’s worst nightmare.  Sheen has pretty much taken over the task of managing his image, even making this comment about his publicist of over seven years, Stan Rosenfeld: “I respect Stan, he was doing the best he could … but … I probably wouldContinue reading “Charlie Sheen—A PR Nightmare, or “Winning” Record Holder?”

The 21st Century ‘App Boom’: Beneficial to Whom?

Need to find a fancy restaurant for that anniversary you forgot? There’s an app for that. Need a flashlight to find your apartment key that you dropped? There’s an app for that. Lacking a cowbell for you town’s major football game? There’s an app for that. Those five words have only recently begun resonating inContinue reading “The 21st Century ‘App Boom’: Beneficial to Whom?”