Performing on the Public Relations Stage

By Laura Hepp Musical theatre. The heat from the spotlight, the echo from the microphone, the anticipation from the audience. What more could one possibly want? Growing up, I performed in many musical productions and jumped at any and all singing opportunities. What can I say? This little girl knew she wanted to perform andContinue reading “Performing on the Public Relations Stage”

Get Your Networking On

Members of PRSSA-UD got a lesson in networking at the latest Skill Slam on April 10, 2012. Students gathered at Deer Park Tavern on Main Street where they enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and mocktails to simulate the setting of a real networking event. PRSSA-UD invited Jessica Bryk, a former executive board member and current copywriter forContinue reading “Get Your Networking On”

Are There Too Many Social Networks?

A recent article posed the question: “Are there too many social networks?” At the bottom of this particular article, there were six different ways to share the page with readers’ various social networks. One could tweet the article, share via Google+, send as a Facebook message or “like” the page, pin it to one’s PinterestContinue reading “Are There Too Many Social Networks?”

Promote service by clicking “post” or “tweet”

We can all agree that social media has immensely shaped our current businesses, organizations, education and of course, our everyday life.  But how has social media and its influential powers shaped service and volunteerism? Twelve years ago, Youth Service America, an organization dedicated to promoting youth service, globally launched their annual campaign known as GlobalContinue reading “Promote service by clicking “post” or “tweet””

KONY 2012: A Sensational Social Media Masterpiece

DISCLAIMER: I will not comment on the politics of Invisible Children or the KONY 2012 campaign, but simply share my thoughts on its PR efforts and initiatives. March 7, 2012. A friend and I just finished class, headed over to Trabant, grabbed a bite to eat and got a seat. As per habit, I readContinue reading “KONY 2012: A Sensational Social Media Masterpiece”

All Hail the Intern Queen

If you’re a student, on your job hunt, or just want to learn how to advance your career, check out some of her best advice below: Internships Nothing about an internship is about the “right now.” You’re probably not getting paid or even getting a job offer out of an internship. It’s a time to learnContinue reading “All Hail the Intern Queen”

My Winter at Hunter Public Relations

This winter I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to intern at Hunter Public Relations in New York City. This was my first agency internship and I was excited and nervous to get the chance to work there. Although the internship was just 5 weeks, I learned so much.  I looked back on theContinue reading “My Winter at Hunter Public Relations”

Bring in the spring with PRSSA-UD

Fall 2011 Accomplishments Last semester, PRSSA-UD increased meeting attendance by 30%, gave away more than $3,500 in scholarships, kicked off our mentor-mentee program which grew by 700%, and much more! This semester, we’re looking forward to doing so much more including bringing the infamous Intern Queen to campus, hosting a variety of Skill Slam activitiesContinue reading “Bring in the spring with PRSSA-UD”