#UDPRIntern: The Five Do’s and Don’ts of Interning for a Small Business

When did you realize you were meant to work in public relations? This past winter, I interned for The SuperNutritionist (SN), a nutritionist business based on Long Island. My favorite part of the experience? Getting a rush knowing I was helping a small business owner thrive in today’s economy through my social media strategies. ThatContinue reading “#UDPRIntern: The Five Do’s and Don’ts of Interning for a Small Business”

Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews

For many students, choosing the perfect career path is a daunting and nerve wracking experience. Communication majors have a plethora of job opportunities, but some do not know their perfect fit or how to pursue them. A little, overlooked gem called the informational interview, however, is a way to open students’ eyes and put themContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews”

Social Media Campaign Disasters and the NYPD

Two weeks ago, the NYPD police department Twitter page asked followers to tweet a picture with a member of the NYPD using the hashtag #myNYPD. To incentivise followers to participate, the NYPD promised to feature some of the photos on their facebook page. The NYPD kicked off the campaign on their Twitter page by postingContinue reading “Social Media Campaign Disasters and the NYPD”

Self-made PR professional and teen entrepreneur celebrity

We have this idea in our heads that PR has a formula, that social media success has happened before and must occur in the same way every time. In case you’re still believing that lie, it’s false. We think that it requires years of experience in the profession to earn a decent salary, to getContinue reading “Self-made PR professional and teen entrepreneur celebrity”

#UDoPR: PRSSA-UD’s Unforgettable Day in the City That Never Sleeps

“Everything I owe to PRSSA. I would not be here without it.” – Grace Leong, University of Delaware Communication alumna and owner of Hunter Public Relations. Two weeks ago, fifteen members of PRSSA-UD traveled to New York City for the semester’s agency field trip. The weather threatened to downpour, but never once did we haveContinue reading “#UDoPR: PRSSA-UD’s Unforgettable Day in the City That Never Sleeps”

“Small Ball Wins Game”

I played softball in high school and my coach consistently repeated one mantra: “Small ball wins games.” It’s the little, seemingly insignificant, actions we do that actually give us the greatest victories. I have carried this idea with me throughout my academic and pre-professional career, and I truly believe it has made the difference. OfContinue reading ““Small Ball Wins Game””

5 Ways to Enhance Your Twitter Presence!

Twitter can be your professional best friend, or your worst nightmare. Interacting with social media opens the doors to networking opportunities and exposure that can transform your online presence and help you develop your personal brand. Before you post your next Tweet, consider these five ways to optimize your allotted “140 characters or less:” 1-Continue reading “5 Ways to Enhance Your Twitter Presence!”

April Fool’s Day; a brand’s opportunity to shine.

With April Fool’s Day being last week, it seemed as if one trend was popular on social media: brands promoting joke products, some of them more believable than others.  Some brands, such as Fruit of the Loom, announced their products (mini “underwear irons,” in their case) as far in advance as a week ahead, inContinue reading “April Fool’s Day; a brand’s opportunity to shine.”

A Heart Issue: Is PR a force for Good, or Just Another Business Objective?

“The days of PR spin, lightweight messaging and covering up corporate activity are long gone. PR is the corporate conscience” -Chris Wermann, corporate affairs director of Home Retail Group. After reading an article in PRWeek by Ruth Wyatt, I was drawn to really question the motives driving me towards a career in public relations. DoContinue reading “A Heart Issue: Is PR a force for Good, or Just Another Business Objective?”

Public Speaking: Not Just Another COMM Major Requirement

Talking. We do it all the time (some of us never stop), and yet, it’s a skill undeveloped among most students, even COMM majors. Muddling through does not equal the ability to do something well. Speaking clearly and professionally is crucial in any field, but especially in public relations. Here are a few tips onContinue reading “Public Speaking: Not Just Another COMM Major Requirement”