Making Communicators: A Conversation with Kim Dixon

What makes a great communicator? Is it the number of Communication classes you’ve taken? Or the amount of press releases you’ve written? Or the number of LinkedIn connections you have? Kimberly Dixon thinks otherwise – anyone can be transformed into a great communicator with eight (not-so-magic-after-all) qualities. Kimberly Dixon, a UD alumna now working asContinue reading “Making Communicators: A Conversation with Kim Dixon”

A Test with RideShare Delaware: PRSSA’s Marketing Practice

BY: DANIELLE FAHEY One of the most essential skills for any PR person is learning how to market. Whether it’s understanding your audience, brainstorming social media posts, or utilizing effective campaign strategies, marketing is the core of a PR career. On Monday at our weekly PRSSA meeting, we did just that. RideShare Delaware, a programContinue reading “A Test with RideShare Delaware: PRSSA’s Marketing Practice”

The Winter Olympics as a PR Enthusiast

BY: JENNA NEWMAN This past week, the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea officially came to a bittersweet end. There will be no more staying up way too late around the television with friends and family seeing if the United States can come away with the gold. No more anxiously checking social media to seeContinue reading “The Winter Olympics as a PR Enthusiast”

What We Can Learn from Super Bowl LII Ads

BY: GILLIAN ZUCKER Chants of “Philly Philly” and the classic tune of hope and victory, “Fly Eagles Fly” pervaded the University of Delaware campus as Blue Hens tuned in to root for the Philadelphia Eagles during Super Bowl LII. For passionate public relations students, however, it became an occasion not only filled with friends, food,Continue reading “What We Can Learn from Super Bowl LII Ads”

Kicking off the Semester on the Right Foot

BY: MARISSA DIGIACOMO On Monday February 12, PRSSA-UD welcomed our first speaker of the 2018 spring Semester UD-graduate director of Communications for America’s division of the Campbell Soup Company, Michelle Reardon. She joined us to discuss her experience in the political and product sides of the Public Relations industry. Attendees gained insight on her impressive experiences,Continue reading “Kicking off the Semester on the Right Foot”