The Ethics of Influencing and Gifted Content

By: Hayley Grossbauer Social media has permanently changed the field of Public Relations. Not only has it just arisen in the 21st century, but it is constantly evolving, with new platforms coming out all the time. This challenges us in the field of public relations to keep up with these trends and to utilize themContinue reading “The Ethics of Influencing and Gifted Content”

Lindsay Lohan and

By Stella Galli When I think of Lindsay Lohan, a few things come to mind: rehab, “Freaky Friday”, the early 2000s, and DUIs. One thing that does not come to mind is a credible spokesperson, but did and ran with it. In March 2018, partnered with Lindsay Lohan to become their representative andContinue reading “Lindsay Lohan and”

Start 2022 With 5 Ways to Grow Your Professional Presence

By Evelyn Zanowski Update Your Linkedin and Resume Start off 2022 by updating your resume and LinkedIn to make sure all your current accomplishments and positions are up to date. Engage with your connections on LinkedIn and find inspiration on a post you can make, this is to show you are active on the site.Continue reading “Start 2022 With 5 Ways to Grow Your Professional Presence”