What’s going on with Resident Life at UD?

By Elizabeth Folk As midterms pass and we return from Thanksgiving break, let’s take a minute to call to mind what has been going on in the Freshman Residence Halls at the University of Delaware. When thinking of last fall’s very limited on-campus population, and last spring not being much better, it can be difficultContinue reading “What’s going on with Resident Life at UD?”

Lessons Learned From Netflix Brand Strategist, Collin Parajon

By Stella Galli “I am not a PR professional…This might be one of the least professional sessions of ICON.” He must be humble, I thought to myself as I joined in on the webinar “Being Human in Big Tech” with Netflix Brand Strategist, Colin Parajon. That is a big title, why would he downplay himselfContinue reading “Lessons Learned From Netflix Brand Strategist, Collin Parajon”

Professor Bartoo’s Social Media Management Class – Your Own Hands-On Experience

By Corinne Dolan With class registration among us, the University of Delaware’s communication department offers a variety of classes for undergraduate students to take. It can feel overwhelming looking at the course catalog and determining which classes would be most beneficial to you. With so many opportunities to learn about the public relations field inContinue reading “Professor Bartoo’s Social Media Management Class – Your Own Hands-On Experience”

Key Takeaways from ICON 2021 

By Becky Kazenoff PR leaders are caretakers of the company, but it isn’t an excuse to neglect your own care.  I enjoyed the Icon session “Managing Our Mental and Physical Health in the Hybrid Work Era” with Mark Mohammadpour, a business owner and Chief Wellness Officer. He stressed the importance of mental health post-COVID-19 andContinue reading “Key Takeaways from ICON 2021 “

The Engagement Game – Pinterest Rolls Out New Features to Push Engagement 

By Corinne Dolan It’s no secret that driving engagement is key to a brand’s success on social media. But in an attention economy like ours, it’s much easier said than done to drive engagement and to see concrete results from it. Another issue to tackle is which platform to focus on to ensure your keyContinue reading “The Engagement Game – Pinterest Rolls Out New Features to Push Engagement ”

PRSA ICON 2021: Media Pitching Rules, Master PR Writing, Proving Brand Purpose 

By Rachel Ornstein Though hosted virtually again this year, the PRSA International Conference offered various powerhouse sessions with professional speakers. The last three weeks involved attending live webinar sessions in between classes or watching recorded sessions from the day before. Here is a roundup of my biggest takeaways from a few sessions that resonated withContinue reading “PRSA ICON 2021: Media Pitching Rules, Master PR Writing, Proving Brand Purpose “

My Summer Internship at HUNTER PR

By Evelyn Zanowski This summer I had the pleasure of interning at NYC-based integrated marketing and PR firm, HUNTER PR who have recently been named the Consumer Agency of the Year by Provoke Media. The agency is led by PRSSA-UD alumnus Grace Leong, and work with a variety of brands such as Tabasco (their firstContinue reading My Summer Internship at HUNTER PR

3 Lessons I Learned From Moderating a Panel

By Lia Hyman It’s no secret that I really enjoy public speaking, so, naturally, I was ecstatic when I discovered that my role as Diversity Director included moderating the Spring Diversity and Ethics panel for PRSSA-UD. As I planned out the event, I determined themes to focus on, panelists to invite, and ways to engageContinue reading “3 Lessons I Learned From Moderating a Panel”

Meeting Recap: Stuart Schorr

By Sammy Chmara For today’s general meeting, we had the opportunity to hear from Stuart Schorr who is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Jaguar Land Rover North America. It was very interesting getting to hear how the car industry intersects with Communications from a career aspect, as we’ve never heard from aContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Stuart Schorr”

Meeting Recap: Paxton Mittleman

By Becky Kazenoff Guest speaker Paxton Mittleman, a senior associate at Mission North, provided a refreshing and energetic presentation on how to maneuver job applications and professional development during the pandemic. Being a UD PRSSA Vice President of External Affairs alumna, it was encouraging to see how her time at Delaware contributed to much ofContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Paxton Mittleman”