4 signs it’s time to tweak your Twitter

Twitter is an important social network because it is a great way to connect, build your network and show some personality. But, there is a line between personal and professional.  Most of the time, Twitter accounts are public pages that anyone can see. (Think potential employers, professors, colleagues, etc.). It’s a fun social networking platform,Continue reading “4 signs it’s time to tweak your Twitter”

My Summer as America’s Weatherman’s Bike

Confused by the title?  Let me start from the beginning, and I’ll explain how I became Al Roker’s bike and everything that it taught me about public relations. This past summer, I interned with Roker Creative Media (RCM), a startup branch within the television studio Al Roker Entertainment.  RCM aims to create content for companiesContinue reading “My Summer as America’s Weatherman’s Bike”

“Simply Do Something”- Intern Sydney Scheiner.

I only joined Lori’s Hands (a volunteer club on campus) in September of my freshman year so I would have a great organization to dedicate some time to. It was only supposed to be something for my personal reward and enjoyment. My professional progression would come strictly through the connections I made in my classesContinue reading ““Simply Do Something”- Intern Sydney Scheiner.”

First Meeting Recap & Resources

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first meeting tonight! We hope you enjoyed hearing from Ike and look forward to seeing you at our future meetings and events. Following tonight’s meeting, below are some of the items we mentioned: Write for the Communications Committee! Download the contract, fill it out and submitContinue reading “First Meeting Recap & Resources”

A New York City internship experience

Over the course of this past spring semester, I researched and applied to numerous summer internships. As a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, I was intrigued by the field and intent on acquiring hands on experience at an agency. When I landed a position at Corbin-Hillman Communications in New York City,Continue reading “A New York City internship experience”

Twitter chat co-hosted by Temple PRSSA 8/19!

We are inviting all our PRSSA members to our end of the summer Twitter chat co-hosted by Temple PRSSA Monday, August 19 at 8 p.m. Our “PRogress in Fall 2013” chat will discuss your plans for academic success, goal-setting, overall professional and person progress and how PRSSA can help! Our executive board wants to hear howContinue reading “Twitter chat co-hosted by Temple PRSSA 8/19!”

Meet my summer internship.

When crafting a message on behalf of a company, any public relations professional knows to consistently reflect the company’s beliefs and values. But what happens when one entity owns several different facilities, each with different messages? Meet my summer internship. The Delaware River and Bay Authority, a bi-state governmental agency, owns and operates the DelawareContinue reading “Meet my summer internship.”

Creativity. Clients. Commercials.

This summer, I am interning at a commercial production company in New York City called Humble. I am the assistant to the marketing director, but my responsibilities vary from day to day. This unpaid internship has provided me with several valuable experiences. My passion does not lie in commercial production, but I can apply myContinue reading “Creativity. Clients. Commercials.”

Paula Deen adds the wrong ingredient; a PR disaster.

Reports surfaced over a week ago about Paula Deen’s racial slur usage, but the backlash continued into the next week. Her poor crisis management led to the prolonged media coverage and a drop in corporate sponsorship. Wal-Mart and The Home Depot were added to the list of sponsors who dropped Deen over the incident. Though itContinue reading “Paula Deen adds the wrong ingredient; a PR disaster.”

“Summer school” : From UD student to UD Intern

Summer. The optimal time for lounging around the house, acquiring the perfect tan, and sleeping until noon. Right? Well, sure, it can be. While I totally support those who opt for a much-deserved three month vacation, I wanted to fill my summer days with professional development and, of course, public relations. Instead of breaking awayContinue reading ““Summer school” : From UD student to UD Intern”