Paying Members

Visit the link below to pay dues for PRSSA and come to a general meeting for information on chapter dues and paying member benefits!

Current Paying Members:

As of FALL 2021

SENIORS, Class of 2022

Becky Kazanoff
Brianna Apple
Eileen Shortall
Elizabeth Semlies
Evelyn Zanowski
Jonna Anello
Kaitlyn Bonk
Katie Chiodi
Laura Matusheski
Olivia Schnefke
Sean Riggin
Sydney Winnegrad
Trey Deputy
Lia Hyman
Jonathan Weissberg
Laura Corbett
Nate Antignani
Jacquline Blottman
Nick Logan
Rachel Ornstein
Alexis Wrease
Neha Shanker
Mackenize Meyers

JUNIORS, Class of 2023

Rita Nirenberg
Laura Yardeni
Allie Goldstein
Samantha Dwyer
Emma Churgin
Janina Camp
Stella Galli
Laurel Hannigan
Hailey Dearborn
Corrine Dolan
Brooke Taback
Jillian Ward
Danielle Beamish
Julia Lelio
Jaqui Hauswirth
Zoe Shapiro

SOPHMORES, Class of 2024

Jenna Salinardi
Olivia Donovan
Talia Miller
Jessica Gardner
Brittany Zeigler
Olivia Hurley
Randi Cohen
Gabrielle Lane
Jenna Salinardi

FRESHMAN, Class of 2025

Taylor Cannon
Elena Conti
Grace Thompson
Lauren Riddle

Last updated on 11/08/21

For more information on membership, please email our president, Rachel Ornstein at

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