Paying Members

Here at PRSSA-UD we’re lucky enough to have 65 dues paying members! We’re so happy that 65 people decided that it was worth the dues in order to be a part of our organization. Those of us on the e-board are committed to making sure our members can develop as professionals through skill slams, networking, field trips, internship opportunities, and leadership positions.

Interested in becoming a member? Visit this link to go to the PRSSA website in order to become a new member or renew your dues.

Thank you to our Current Paying Members:

As of December 2022

Class of 2023
Dani Beamish
Avery Bell
Janina Camp
Emma Churgin
Bari David
Corrine Dolan
Samantha Dwyer
Stella Galli
Marin Gerstmyer
Sammy Karten
Sarah Mangrini
Maya Patel
Danielle Raskin
Zoe Shapiro
Brooke Taback
Brittany Zeigler
Class of 2024
Ryan Altman
Joseph Bernal
Cansu Cicek
Randi Cohen
Lauren Cooper
Hailey Dearborn
Jessica Gardner
Hayley Grossbauer
Lane Johnson
Briana Laux
Caroline McCormick
Jillian Melendez
Caitlin Oarr
Brooke Piniak
Cameron Price
Ariana Williams
Class of 2025
Elena Conti
Ellie Eby
Lindsay Fister
Samara Genek
Anna Gleason
Gabriella Gooden
Amanda Guenther
Grace Mullin
Madelyn Rapko
Annabella Reyes
Sophia Sarbello
Ella Smith
Erica Wray

Class of 2026
Isabella Andres
Caitlyn Bowman-Moak
Sarah Chambers
Erica Cimato
Jade Creegan
Caitlyn Cusack
Dylan Desilva
Anna DiEduardo
Ellie Hintz
Abigail Horn
Kaylee Louima
Madelyn Marucci
Grace Mckenna
Tealia Noviello
Gia Pellegrino
Joanna Ramon-Rendon
Tucker Rose
Samantha Ruane
Emma Schneider
Delaney Walker

Last updated on 12/01/2022

For more information on membership, please email our president, Stella Galli,

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