New executive board spotlight: Meetings Coordinator, Allison Lane

– Name: Allison Lane

– Class Year: Junior
– PRSSA executive board position: Meetings Coordinator
-Nickname: My friends call me Big Al. I don’t even know why, I just roll with it.
Siblings: I’m an only child!10456803_10152496695377158_1981820097642813807_n
– Pet(s): I have a terrier mix named Ralph.
– Favorite Meal: My favorite meal is lunch and I LOVE any type of panini with avocado on it. (Central Perk: Avo on Focaccia is my go-to)
– If you could meet anybody: Jimmy Fallon, hands down!
– Dream career: I’d love to host a travel or leisure show. Just call me Rick Steves or Ali Fedotowsky! 🙂
If you could travel anywhere: I love traveling, and I’d really like to backpack Europe. Greece, Italy, and France are all on the list for future travel.
– Favorite place to study on campus: Reference room in the library is the way to go. You can find me in a comfy chair next to an outlet!
– Guilty Pleasure: The Real World: Challenge. It’s the one reality TV show that I can’t stop watching.
– Weird habit: I crack my neck all the time. It really grosses my friends out.

New executive board spotlight: Program Director, Sydney Scheiner

prssa– Name: Sydney Scheiner
– Class year: Junior
– PRSSA E-Board Position: Program Director
– Nickname: Squidney
– Favorite meal/foods: Breakfast is my favorite. Put pancakes and eggs in front of me and I’m the happiest person alive
– If you could meet anyone: If I could meet anyone, it would have to be Amy Poehler and/or Tina Fey.
– Dream career: My dream career would be to be on Broadway or a rapper, but my realistic dream job would be to work for SNL or Jimmy Fallon.
– Sibling(s): I have an older brother named Corey who is 24 and works at Major League Baseball Productions.
– Pet(s): I have the poster dog for golden retrievers. His name is Parker, he’s 4, and my parents treat him more like a child than me.
– If you could travel anywhere: If I could travel anywhere I would go to Australia, then some small town in Montana.
– Favorite place to study on campus: The best place to study on campus in my opinion is the Chapel, but when that gets too crowded, go to Alfred Lerner, it’s usually very empty.
– Guilty pleasure: Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians
– Weird fact: I have an incredible memory. I remember very trivial things about people and I never forget anyone’s birthday.