5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be on LinkedIn

Last week, I connected with yet another social media-marketing consultant on LinkedIn. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities LinkedIn has provided me in helping carve out a niche for myself in the public relations and digital marketing industry. Yet, I have friends who do not understand how LinkedIn can be beneficial for them.

“I don’t need a LinkedIn.”

“I’m a science major. People only look for communication majors on LinkedIn.”

“You sell yourself on LinkedIn; it makes you look cheap.”

These statements were like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. Although I admit I’m biased towards all things social media, LinkedIn can do nothing but help anyone, whether you’re a a chemical engineer or a theatrical performer. Brace yourself, college kids. If you are not on LinkedIn, there are 5 reasons to get on it as soon as possible, or risk falling behind in landing the career of your dreams.

1. ALL companies look for it

Everyone’s heard that potential employers look up their job candidates on social media before even considering them. More importantly, they are looking to see if you have established a professional presence. One source informed me that a chemical production company  (I’m talking to you, scientists and engineers) specifically looked to see if job candidates had a LinkedIn before even reviewing the rest of the resume. You don’t have one? Well… guess you really don’t care that much about professional development.

2. You are not a Red Solo Cup, You are a Passionate (Insert Job Here)

Nothing on social media is meaningless. Every single picture, status, and shared link on any platform contributes to the development of your online identity. As aspiring professionals, it’s time to start considering how you want to define yourself to employers. What are your goals? What are you looking to accomplish after your get your degree? How do you feel your experiences have contributed to your overall goals and personality? A LinkedIn profile answers those questions. Posting pictures of your sorority’s formal on Facebook does not.

3. One Page Limit? What One Page Limit?

It irks me how you can never put every single experience and accomplishment on your print resume without going over one page. Before I joined LinkedIn, I wished there was a way I could show employers that I have done X Y and Z on my resume, but I’ve also done A B and C that I consider to be of equal value to my successes. Then I found out, oh wait, on LinkedIn there is no page limit! Your profile acts as a resume where you can add anything — publications, causes you care about, links to research you’ve conducted — that you want without worrying about lack of space. Everyone needs a resume; everyone wants to showcase every success that contributed to their development. LinkedIn gives everyone the chance to craft their identity using as much or as little information as possible.

4. Networking Just Got That Much Easier

While LinkedIn is a place to establish your professional presence and brand, at its core, it is a social networking site. Students are at an advantage here: you have the power to reach out to people you admire in your industry without fear that it’s impolite. Why? People on social networking sites want to meet other people, and successful people love when students reach out to them to ask for advice. Successful people get excited to meet students who are interested in their work, and students get to meet people they may have been scared to approach through email and build their network in ways they never imagined possible.

5. On That Note, Job Searching Just Got That Much Easier

Job searching can be overwhelming with so many search engines and options to consider. LinkedIn can help you specifically target opportunities in the companies you specifically want to work for. On LinkedIn, you can follow a company, join an alumni network, and find groups that are talking about fields that interest you. People post job opportunities in these groups. There could be a potential perfect job out there for you where the employer is specifically looking for members of a certain group, and you could never know about it. Unless you join LinkedIn.

People may not think that LinkedIn doesn’t apply to them, that it’s not useful, or that it makes you look cheap. But I assure you, if you invest the time into creating a simple profile, LinkedIn will take your career places you never thought possible. I look forward to connecting with you all in the future!

By: Paxton Mittleman

Paxton Mittleman is a sophomore communication interest and English double major who is passionate about public relations and social media marketing.  When she’s not attending PRSSA meetings, Paxton is tweeting from her @BlueHenPaxton Social Media Ambassador account, volunteering with the sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma, or planning events as a Senior Fellow for the UD Honors Program.  You can find her on Twitter and, of course, LinkedIn.


PRSSA- The Reason I’ll Be Successful

One word to describe the first day at your first internship?


Walking into Needham Partners on my first day of my first ever internship was one of the most nerve-wracking  days of my life. I was so scared I wasn’t going to be good enough, that I wasn’t going to be the intern they were hoping for.

After my first few days, I started to realize that I had nothing to be nervous about because I was prepared for whatever they would throw my way.

Why was I prepared? I owe it all to PRSSA-UD. eboard

I couldn’t be happier that I joined PRSSA at the beginning of my freshman year because I have already learned more than I would ever learn in a classroom. First, I learned about all of the do’s and dont’s of resume making in PRSSA I learned that when applying for specific jobs/internships, you have to change your resume to appeal to the people at that company. When applying for my internship at Needham Partners, which is a marketing and public relations company that organizes large conferences for huge corporations and important people, I knew some of the things on my resume wouldn’t be relevant when they were reviewing my resume so I took them off.

Second, during PRSSA, we had a meeting dedicated to making and perfecting our LinkedIn profiles. Having a LinkedIn that is updated and descriptive is very important for employers when they are looking for new employees. Having a LinkedIn came in handy when getting my internship because I have been using it very often in all of the work that I do in the office.

Another great thing about PRSSA is all of the trips that we go on. Every semester we take trips to talk to professionals in all types of industries. They tell us about how they got to where they are today and they give us tips about  what we can do to be successful. This year I went to Tipton Communications, a PR agency in Newark, DE and Hunter Public Relations in NYC. I learned so much from the people working at these two companies and they gave me so many great tips that I have been using at my internship and that I can use in the future.

Lastly, because of PRSSA I feel that I have matured professionally. Being able to watch all of our Executive Board this year, and having the amazing opportunity to be on the Executive Board next year, I feel that I have matured a lot. If I had started my internship a year ago I would not only have been very un-prepared but I wouldn’t have been as emotionally ready or as mature as I am starting my internship now. I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to intern at this great company and I owe all of my success at this internship and in the future to PRSSA-UD.

Written by: Katherine Bartell

katherineKatherine Bartell is a Sophomore at the University of Delaware and is from Nanuet, Ny. She is majoring in Communication Interest and minoring in Spanish. Katherine is so excited to be apart of the PRSSA Executive board. She loves the beach and spending time with family and friends. Katherine’s favorite place she has ever traveled to was Rome, Italy and she hopes to be able to return to Italy and travel in Europe after she graduates college. She has a crazy obsession for Disney and loves the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Katherine hopes to have a career in PR agency when she graduates college. She is extremely proud to be a Blue Hen and feels so lucky and happy to attend UD.