Facebook Analytics: What You Need to Know

Many public relations professionals are tasked with monitoring and managing the numerous social media accounts for the different clients they work with. Since clients need their brands to be seen by their targeted audience in order to do well against competition, it is up to the PR professionals to make sure that the social mediaContinue reading “Facebook Analytics: What You Need to Know”

New executive board spotlight: Program Director, Sydney Scheiner

– Name: Sydney Scheiner – Class year: Junior – PRSSA E-Board Position: Program Director – Nickname: Squidney – Favorite meal/foods: Breakfast is my favorite. Put pancakes and eggs in front of me and I’m the happiest person alive – If you could meet anyone: If I could meet anyone, it would have to be Amy Poehler and/or Tina Fey. – DreamContinue reading “New executive board spotlight: Program Director, Sydney Scheiner”

From Captive to Pariah: Public Relations Lessons from the Coverage of Bowe Bergdahl

It had all the makings of great media story – an American soldier rescued from five years of terrorist captivity and returned home to his family and loved ones in a small Midwestern town. But as most Americans now know in the case of Bowe Bergdahl, the reality is not that simple. The feel-good storyContinue reading “From Captive to Pariah: Public Relations Lessons from the Coverage of Bowe Bergdahl”

Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews

For many students, choosing the perfect career path is a daunting and nerve wracking experience. Communication majors have a plethora of job opportunities, but some do not know their perfect fit or how to pursue them. A little, overlooked gem called the informational interview, however, is a way to open students’ eyes and put themContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews”

Fictional Portrayal vs. the Reality of Public Relations

By Andrea Annal If I had been asked a semester ago what the “public” in public relations meant, I would have said it meant the general public. I know now that is not necessarily the case. A public can be broad, but it can be much narrower. Enrolling in Intro to Public Relations and joining PRSSAContinue reading “Fictional Portrayal vs. the Reality of Public Relations”

PR and Marketing

By Brooke LeMunyon Over the past seven weeks, I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn some of the basics of marketing through an introductory course here at UD. Due to my professor’s use of social media as a learning tactic, I’ve finally forced myself to become savvy in the Twitter universe! The class also sparkedContinue reading “PR and Marketing”

Member Spotlight: Sydney Scheiner

Name: Sydney Scheiner Year: Freshman Major: Communication Interest Dream Job/Internship: “My dream job and/or internship would be at NBC to somehow work with Saturday Night Live. I am a huge fan and working behind the scenes would be a dream come true.” Bio: Sydney Scheiner is from Old Bridge, New Jersey. She is a freshman communicationContinue reading “Member Spotlight: Sydney Scheiner”

Member Spotlight: Betsey Coulbourn

Many PRSSA-UD members had internships this winter, and Betsey Coulbourn was one of them.  Coulbourn is a sophomore and she interned under the public relations director for Meals on Wheels Delaware over winter session. “I learned how to write effective blog posts, tweets, and Facebook statuses for the organization,” Coulbourn said. “I also was thereContinue reading “Member Spotlight: Betsey Coulbourn”