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Spring 2023

Welcome to The Spring ’23 Semesterly!

Welcome to our Spring ’23 Semesterly: the PRSSA-UD newsletter that highlights all the exciting things we have done this past semester!

This Spring, the PRSSA-UD executive board got creative with events and hosted multiple panels, toured the Neff Associates marketing agency, and organized a headshot happy hour fundraiser. Along with that, we are also excited to welcome 15 new members to our organization this semester and grateful that PRSSA continues to grow and have a presence at UD!

A Letter From the President

Dear Members of PRSSA-University of Delaware,

It is with immense gratitude that I reflect upon everything we have accomplished together this semester. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to each and every one of you, especially the new members who joined at the beginning of this Spring semester. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work have truly made a difference in our chapter.

Over the past few months, our chapter has flourished, leaving a lasting impact on the University of Delaware campus and the broader PRSSA community. We embarked on a memorable field trip to Neff Communications, and had our first-ever in person fundraiser. Our panels brought industry professionals to share their insights and experiences, equipping us with invaluable knowledge for our future endeavors. The general meetings were nothing short of fantastic, filled with engaging discussions and productive collaborations. Moreover, we ensured that our members had access to numerous opportunities that enriched their personal and professional growth.

To all of you who have contributed to the success of PRSSA at the University of Delaware, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Your commitment, hard work, and creativity have played a pivotal role in making our chapter thrive. The past three years working on the PRSSA executive board have been an incredible journey, and I am truly grateful to have had the privilege of serving as an executive board member alongside such a talented group of individuals.

I want to thank everyone who worked on the executive board: Jessica Gardner, Zoe Shapiro, Emma Churgin, Danielle Raskin, Danielle Beamish, Brittanzy Zeigler and Lindsay Fister for their commitment to the Chapter and I am thrilled to pass the torch to our incoming president, Lindsay Fister. I also want to shoutout Professor Bartoo and Dr. Silk for their advisement and support for our Chapter all year. 

Looking back at this remarkable year, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and pride. Together, we have built a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters growth, learning, and lasting friendships.  Thank you all for being an integral part of my journey and for making my time as President memorable. 

Graduating seniors – may you all find continued success, both personally and professionally. Thank you for an exceptional year, and best wishes for your future endeavors!


Stella Galli

President, PRSSA University of Delaware

Our Executive Board


Stella Galli, President

Lindsay Fister, Vice President of

External Affairs

Emma Churgin, Director of External

Professional Development

Zoe Shapiro, Director of Internal

Professional Development

Dani Raskin, Meetings Coordinator

Jess Gardner, Promotions Director

Dani Beamish, Director of Internal


Brittany Zeigler, Finance Director


Lindsay Fister, President

Jess Gardner, Vice President of

External Affairs

Brooke Piniak, Director of External

Professional Development

Jill Melendez, Director of Internal

Professional Development

Kaylee Louima, Meetings Coordinator

Abigail Romain, Promotions Director

Anna Gleason, Director of Internal


Megan Emmerling, Finance Director

Congratulations to our seniors!!

Class of 2023
Dani Beamish
Janina Camp
Hailey Cassidy
Emma Churgin
Karrine Coleman
Bari David
Lauren Dienna
Corrine Dolan
Samantha Dwyer
Stella Galli
Marin Gerstmyer
Allie Goldstein
Laurel Hannigan
Sammy Karten
Julia Lelio
Sarah Mangrini
Erin McGay
Danielle Raskin
Zoe Shapiro
Sam Slimowicz
Brooke Taback
Michael Vigneron
Jillian Ward
Brittany Zeigler

Best Of Our Blog

Spotify’s Special Weapon

By: Suki Paul

In this blog post, Suki delves into the

Apple Music vs. Spotify pop culture

debate, and makes a case for why Spotify

comes out on top

Read it here

Tips for Moderating a Panel

By: Stella Galli

Stella shares what to do when moderating

a panel based on her experience

moderating the beauty PR panel event.

She also explains the importance of the

moderator’s role in a successful panel


Read it here

Our Field Trip at Neff

Big thanks to Emma Churgin, our Director of External Professional Development, for organizing this field trip and to Neff for hosting us! At Neff, we spoke with some of the members of the Marketing and Public Relations team who were insightful and helped us prepare for the start of our careers.

Public PRactice

Public PRactice is an excellent opportunity for PRSSA-UD members looking to get some relevant work experience. It can be hard to find a first internship, so PRSSA is collaborating with local businesses in Newark in order to create internships doing social media for the businesses.

Shoutout to Zoe Shapiro, our Director of Internal Professional Development, for overseeing these internships and creating new business partnerships this semester! Currently, PRSSA-UD has members working with Newark Deli Bagels and Grassroots. Feel free to check them out at ndbagels and at grassrootsshop!

General Meeting Recaps

Executive Summary #1

On Monday, February 27, Greg St. Claire, Executive Vice President of Edelman, joined us to speak about Edelman’s 2023 findings in their Trust Barometer. This was his first presentation for the 2023 finding and a captivating talk. One of the key takeaways is that businesses are the most trustworthy and accountable in the public eye, even above governments and the media. This is crucial for public relations practitioners to know since we drive the stories behind corporations.

Executive Summary #2

On Monday, April 3, Laura Woodin, Founder of Early Light Public Relations, shared with us her career thus far and encouraged us to ask any questions that we may have about the industry, internships, and post-grad opportunities. She also described to us what it takes to found a business.

Executive Summary #3

On Monday, May 15, 2023, we had our third and final general meeting of the spring semester. We were joined by Brittany Harmon who is the US Communications and Public Affairs Leader, Immunology at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. She gave us a wonderful presentation on her career and explained the importance of public relations at the government level.

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