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Fall 2022

Welcome to The Semesterly

Welcome to our Fall ‘22 Semesterly, which is the PRSSA-UD newsletter that highlights all the exciting things we have done this past semester. As the Promotions Director, it’s my job to create our Semesterly and I’m excited to present it in this new website format.

Fall 2022 has been a successful semester for PRSSA-UD; we had a fantastic field trip, multiple engaging skills slams, and excellent guest speakers. Along with all of that, some of our board members were able to attend the first in-person ICON in two years. However, I think that our biggest achievement this semester is how much our organization has grown, with 49 of our dues paying members being first time members! 

A Letter From the President

I am proud of everything PRSSA-UD has accomplished, learned, and taken on this Fall! From our general meetings, skill slams, new initiatives for our dues-paying members, to our field trips, this semester has been extremely rewarding as President. I am so proud of everything our organization has accomplished, and it’s all thanks to our amazing executive board. Our executive board is made up of eight motivated, hard-working women who are ready to get their foot in the door in the public relations world and they inspire me every day. 

This semester, we gained so many fabulous new members due to our strong recruitment efforts, and our attendance at every meeting has been outstanding – which brings the biggest smile to my face. I am so happy to know that after every meeting we have, each new member gets to walk away with something valuable. Something we truly wanted to focus on this semester was teaching our members beyond professional development skills, but the more technical, public relations industry-specific skills. 

For the first time in three years some executive board members were able to attend ICON in-person. We are extremely grateful for the public relations industry-sought skills we were able to take from Texas and bring to Delaware to share with our members! 

I am looking forward to the Spring for our Chapter as we will continue to grow as professionals and learn from each other. We will see you all in February!


Stella Galli

Our 2022 Executive Board

Pictured from left to right:

Brittany Zeigler, Finance Director

Lindsay Fister, Vice President of

External Affairs

Emma Churgin, Director of External

Professional Development

Zoe Shapiro, Director of Internal

Professional Development

Dani Raskin, Meetings Coordinator

Stella Galli, President

Not Pictured

Dani Beamish, Director of Internal


Jess Gardner, Promotions Director

Best Of Our Blog!

The Ethics of Influencing and Gifted Content

By: Hayley Grossbauer

In this blog post, Hayley delves into the

ethics and legality of influencer gifting.

She even interviews UD professor Tara

Smith on the subject and gives readers

insight on how they can ethically gift


Read it here

My Tips for Landing a Summer Internship

By: Janina Camp

Janina describes the process for how

she landed her summer internship doing

marketing for The Delaware River and

Bay Authority last summer and gives

readers tips for how they too can land a

summer internship based on her


Read it here

Not So Pitch Perfect

By: Zoe Shapiro

Zoe reflects on her first skill slam that

she hosted as the Director of Internal

Professional Development and her

experience educating members on how

to pitch. Interestingly, Zoe comes to the

conclusion that she was learning while


Read it here

Our Fun Field Trip

Big thanks to Emma Churgin, our Director of External Professional Development, for making this field trip happen and the University of Delaware Sports Marketing club for collaborating with our organization so that our groups could attend this field trip together.

Emma also wrote a blog post where she summarized what happened during our field trip. She also writes about her favorite takeaways from our guest speakers who were on the Sports Marketing and Communications team for the Philadelphia Flyers. Read it here!

Public PRactice

Public PRactice is an excellent opportunity for PRSSA-UD members looking to get some relevant work experience. It can be hard to find a first internship, so PRSSA is collaborating with local businesses in Newark in order to create internships doing social media for the businesses.

Shoutout to Zoe Shapiro, our Director of Internal Professional Development, for overseeing these internships and creating new business partnerships this semester! Currently, PRSSA-UD has members working with Newark Deli Bagels and Grassroots and you can check out the instagrams for @ndbagels and @grassrootsshop.

ICON 2022

Some of our e-board got to attend this year’s International Conference (ICON) in Houston, Texas. While there, they got to hear from guest speakers Katty Kay, Emmitt Smith, and Marlee Martin. It was also a great networking opportunity and multiple people wrote blog posts about the career advice they had received from different established professionals at the conference.

Dani R wrote about the what David Grossman taught her about a new level of inspired and authentic leadership, the “Heart First” approach, in The Power of Heart First Authenticity.

Emma learned about the world of PR agencies after attending a presentation with three different agency professionals in senior positions, she reflects on what she learned in Behind the Scenes Look into Agency Life.

Stella attended a professional development session at ICON with the President of Celebrity Source and shares what what Rita Tateel taught her about the celebrity public relations business in What Motivates a Celebrity to Say “Yes!”.

General Meeting Recaps

Executive Summary #1

On Monday, September 12, 2022, we had our first general meeting of the Fall semester. We were joined by a guest speaker, Emily Whelehan. Emily is a PR Manager at Oatly and sheds light on her experiences in agency versus in-house work. Because she graduated from UD in 2017, she gave her best advice to students who are looking to enter the public relations field. This meeting was held virtually.

Executive Summary #2

On Monday, September 26 at 5 p.m., Max Rutcofsky, Content Creator for Madison Square Garden, joined us to give his insights in obtaining a job post graduation on Zoom. He emphasized to explore any opportunities given to you, and to develop connections while in college.

Executive Summary #3

On Monday, Oct. 24, 2022, we had our third general meeting of the Fall semester. We were joined by guest speaker, Rosalie Baseman. Rosalie is a senior account executive at WE Communications. She told us her path from being a blue hen to working agency life in New York City. This meeting was held in Alison Hall 318.

Executive Summary #4

On Monday November 7 at 5pm, we were joined by guest speakers Kimberly Reed, Senior Partner, and Raoul Davis, CEO, of Ascendent Group Branding. Raoul announced a new paid internship opportunity that Ascendent Group will be doing in collaboration with PRRSA-UD and spoke about how he started and grew Ascendent Group. Kimberly spoke to us on the importance of following your heart within your career.

Executive Summary #5

On Monday, November 28 at 5 p.m., Alyssa Ashley, associate manager at The Wonderful Company joined us to give her insights on her different experiences in the workforce. She suggested getting involved in anything that may interest you while in college and to use the connections built with current and past professors. This was our last general meeting of the fall semester.

Thanks for Scrolling, See You This Spring!

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